Overall, I enjoyed Contact, and I thought Jodie Foster did a great job. But many of the basic premises of the movie didn't make sense, and some of them led to poorly integrated scenes that only stretched the movie's running time. Someday I'll check out Carl Sagan's original novel and see what it was like.

I suppose some of these questions are "answered" by the Vegans, who most conveniently say that "this is the way it's been done for millions of years." It's also nice that the aliens look exactly like us. Thank goodness they don't look like Matthew McConaghey.

The movie ultimately tries to blur the distinction between science and religion. Most of us have never seen God nor any aliens, so why should we believe that either of them exists? This is a good question, but I don't think the issue of religion really fits into the plot of the movie. It just pops up suddenly and annoys you for a while before going away... kind of like Matthew McConaghey.